KUKA Sim Layout

KUKA Sim Layout 2.2

KUKA.Sim Layout is a program for creating 3D layouts for KUKA robots

KUKA.Sim Layout is a unique program for creating 3D layouts for systems with KUKA robots. Any number of layouts and concepts can be simulated and investigated with ease. The ideal program for marketing and for system integrators.
Use the components from our exhaustive library included with the KUKA.Sim Layout or download models from the Internet. KUKA is also offering web space for those customers who want to share their models to other customers.
Most components from the eCatalogue are parametric in design. Load e.g. a fence and change the height and width to the height and width you require. This parametric approach design avoids CAD remodeling and saves you a lot of time.
Drag the components from the eCatalogue to the robot cell and snap the component to the power-snap points of other components.

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